Summer Quarter 2001
Carl Moxey

FH Martini
Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology, 5/e
Lecture Date Lecture Topics
I M. 11 June Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
Terminology and Systems
II Tu. 12 June Skeletal System Design
III Th. 14 June Articulations & Movements
IV M. 18 June Introduction to Muscles
V Tu. 19 June Muscle Action
VI Th. 21 June Mid-Term Exam
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VII M. 25 June Anatomy of a Region:  The Thorax
VIII Tu. 26 June Heart Anatomy
Angiology 1
IX Th. 28 June Angiology 2
X M. 02 July Abdominopelvic Viscera 1
XI Tu. 03 July Abdominopelvic Viscera 2
XII Th. 05 July Final Exam
« A Sampler of Questions »
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